Wed Nov 8th Den Of Lore Host Chris Zuger

Chris George Zuger is  32nd Degree Freemason, an award-winning Creative Director, Copywriter, and Public Speaker. A  long time listener of shows like , Coast to Coast,  the Joe Rogan Experience,  and more he became inspired to do his show Den of Of Lore from a show called Grimerica.

Den Of Lore is light-hearted and scotch-fueled conversation/interview show featuring guests talking about the Paranormal & UFOs, Ancient History & Lost Civilizations, Popular & Ancient Cultures, Science, Technology, and Philosophy.

Hosted by Chris and his co-host Alex. Their mission is to bring the fringe to the light so the show’s listeners can “Learn Some Cool Sh*T” they may not have known otherwise. Or, gain fresh perspectives on subjects close to their hearts.

Chris has had some fantastic guests on his show including Laird Scranton, Mike Bara, Robert Bauval, Edward Nightingale and more! Check out the show at

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