Tuesday May 9 Gordon Rupe Returns

Gordon Rupe is an author that loves it all. With a growing collection of penned works that all stem from personal interests, Gordon dives into the unusual head first, posing ideas that may sit outside the mainstream school of thought.

In his latest work The Wrong Tombstone, Gordon ventures down the rabbit trail that the story of John Wilkes Booth may not be the story that we are told. Did Lincoln’s assassin die in that infamous barn standoff, or is it possible that he escaped and lived out the rest of his days in Texas and Oklahoma under a pseudonym?

Was he the rogue confederacy sympathizer that we are led to believe or was he part of a larger conspiracy set up to remove Lincoln from office? Sited From..”The Malliard Report” www.malliard.com

Gordon’s Quotes

“I have been known to write about whatpeople call ‘Conspiracies’, although I do not consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist.”

“I was born and raised in

Oakland California.”


“I am a proud Husband and Father.”

“My Wife Kim does my book covers,”

“my Son Caleb tests the boundries

of my sanity.”


“I have been living in Colorado for almost

a decade – so far, so good”.


“I listen to most music;”

“I don’t consider Bieber to be music…”

Check it out at gordonrupe.com

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