Tuesday Dec. 26th The Horrors Of Sleep Paralysis With L.M. Labat

As 24-year-old native New Orleans published author and illustrator, horror always proved to be a staple in  her work. Whether in writing or in art exhibitions, her work emits different forms of macabre. As a kid drawing her mother’s walls and watching Silence of the Lambs, she loved horror and it grew up with her.

Labat’s mother dissuaded her from marking up her walls, but she encouraged that L.M. continue her art. Through words and sketches, the angst and pain she endured from her struggles of Chronic Plaque Psoriasis, childhood bullying,and Sleep Paralysis fueled her creations. She learned how to channel more of her rage in manifesting her imagination. Over time, her fascinations accumulated in medicine, WWI,WWII, psychology, and the occult.

Topics that revolved around human suffering intrigued Labat. While trapped in her own bleeding skin,a mass of empathy and sympathy washed over her, as she read about different diseases,psychological ailments, and war. Though she was only a kid, the never-ending night terrors and suffering of being caged within her lacerations allured her to the dark and macabre.

As she staggered her way through a series of failing medicines, like a lab rat,
the desire to make it to a painless kept L.M. going, and the agony that came along the way molded her work into what it is today. In
combining medical malpractice, historical atrocities, and her own terrors, She created her
first illustrated novel, The Sanguinarian Id

Tonight L.M. will be discussing her experiences with sleep paralysis and personal horror that inspired her work that is getting awesome reviews on amazon.

Some of her apearrances include:

The Advocate
Horror Writer’s Association Bram Stoker Awards
Preliminary Ballot Author for Superior First Novel 2016
WWL-TV Channel 4
WBOK Radio
Night to Dawn Magazine & Books

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