The Ritual Magic Manual

“A comprehensive guide to Practical Magic. The integration of new Enochian Magic proves that the Golden Dawn is not just an object of historical curiosity, but a living, growing, and evolving tradition.”Jean Pascal Ruggiu
davidgrif3If there’s one kind of book I really buy more than other’s, it’s books that are of a practical use to me. Books that one can use as a reference and a guide are the most valuable to me in any subject. When it comes to a guide and reference for the Golden Dawn I have a couple and I wouldn’t trade them for anything especially David Griffin’s Ritual Magic Manual.

  Right off the bat you get a very educational Introduction from Cris Monnastre and if  Lon Milo DuQuetteu says any student of the Golden Dawn should read it, you can bet I’m going to grab it.images (9)

If you have heard about the Golden Dawn then more than likely you have heard the name David Griffin. That’s probably because he has published content all over the web from youtube to blogger. He is the Imperetor of probably the largest Golden Dawn Organization in the World today. I asked him if it bothers him to get all this attention. He answered very sharply ” I make no qualms about it. I have traveled all over the world, Spent tons of money and my own time learning the mysteries of Magick.

It is my dream now to guide those that are waking up to this awareness. I see black magicians every day getting more followers because they are all over the internet. I feel not only is it my dream to lead the Alpha Omega into something grand but  it is also my duty to all those seekers out there.” Inspired I took a trip.

Well I rarely leave the woods of my home here in Arkansas but I felt it was important to solve this mystery once and for all. I hopped a plane and went out to Las Vegas and checked out his Magickall event. I arrived early enough to speak awhile with him and his wife Leslie.  What I learned changed my life.davidegypt

I won’t bore you to death with details of a Q and A session that lasted for quite some time but I will tell you this….there are a few real seekers and magicians walking the face of this earth at the moment and there in Paruhmp Nevada I met a few !

All the articles online and facebook bickering taught me a bit but there in the desert I learned and experienced LVX (LUX) energy for the first time in my life.

ao1Now I can’t say much about the book other than it’s the most detailed book on GD and Rosicrucian Magic I’ve ever seen. If your a beginner or practicing adept you should have this manual. If your a dabbler like me and you like learning about it, even more reason to check it out. You can read exerpts from the manual on the Golden Dawn Site  or check out his Services and Blog page at  MAGICK 101.

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