Metaphysics VS Accepted Science With R. Keith Andrews And Eric Marcum

R. Keith Andrews Keith is a life long experiencer in the paranormal from ghosts and
spirits, to UFOs and ET Contact. Considered by his peers to be a paranormal adept Keith
is also an astrologer and researcher. Keith Has appeared on spaced out radio, Endo Of Days
radio and s-4. This is Keith’s first time on Lighting The Void so we are bringing him on
to discuss metaphysics and their relation to accepted science.

Eric Marcum studied biology,chemistry and medical technology at Austin Peay State University.
He currently resides in Winstom-Salem, North Carolina. Eric is the resident scientist for
Spaced Out Radio and the Forest Moon Paranormal Team. This is Erics First time on Lighting
The Void as well.

One Paranormal Adept and metaphysical adept, One Show Host, One Scientist. Let’s see where this goes!

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