Wednesday January 31st UFO Hard Evidence With Larry Cekander

Larry Cekander is the owner of UFO Hard Evidence LLC. and the Museum of the Unexplained Aerial Anomalies Research Group. 
Mr. Cekander is a published author on the subject of UFO and physical trace evidence and possible extraterrestrial visitation to this planet.

He has written one 
book “YOU CAN ONLY GO AS FAR AS YOU PUSH” The Bob White Legacy, and updated Bob Whites original book UFO HARD EVIDENCE both being Published by 
Galde press. He is contributor to Fate Magazine and has authored an article in Un-X News Magazine in 2012 summer quarterly.

He has done many interviews concerning the Bob White Artifact and testing of the object recovered by Bob White 
The Bob White artifact HAS PROPERTIES IDENTIFIED not in any earth manufactured aluminum alloy including EMF signals, gamma, beta and fast neutron emmisions, and has elongated silicon sprules shown in its matrix indicating off earth formation. The tests from the labs show no earthly match. Visit the website at

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