Kabbalah, Magic and The Great Work of Self-Transformation

download (1)As I have stated before,  I fall asleep when I read. During my first journey’s with the occult, I was looking for an instruction manual on the Golden Dawn for beginners.


After listening to Frater Xavier’s mind and magick you tube channel, I heard Frater recommended this book. He stated it was the book he started with and still uses today for reference and guidance through the Golden Dawn system of Magick. In fact if you wanted to consider yourself  his student it was a must. So I went and picked it up.

  Now it stays on the top shelf of my favorites and I use it as a text book for my favorite school in life. You should too if your looking for a step by step text book through the elemental grades. It takes you from Neophyte to Portal.

It also comes with assignments and homework as well as required reading and landmarks you must reach before moving on. This was literally a god send when I first started down the path and still is. You can grab it here !

” The dicipline of magic has never been easier than it is today. And who could blame the average person for failing to see this possibility ? when the incarnated human wakes up wounded and human on the beach of life, he finds that he has been given a gift for which he has misplaced the insturctions.” Chp. 1 pg 2.Lyam Thomas Christopher
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