Journey’s Out of the Body by Robert Monroe

I’ll just start off to say that yes, I listened to the audio book and no I didn’t read the actual book. Now from time to time someone may say that the hard copy text is better. This book is meant for audio and the person reading it is wonderful !

download (2)I have always been interested in Astral Travel or the Out of Body Experience. The real question on anyone’s mind especially a skeptic like me is, Is this experience even real ? Have all the people sharing their experiences been lying to us ? I found my answer in the author Robert Monroe.

Mr. Monroe has a personality and character of a humble and warm hearted individual. There hasn’t been anyone I know who has read his books or actually knew him that ever questioned his sinceretey.

Long story short I’m sold 100% now on the possibility.

download (1)As far as the book is concerned Mr. Monroe takes you on a scientific and mystical experience as he explains in detail the methods,details and journeys of all his OBE experiences. I love a good adventure. An adventure is even better when it’s a story that acutally happened about a subject like Astral Travel.

The journey is full of thrills and spills, characters and entities, and one hell of a narrative. I do hope one day someone attempts to make a movie about this.

downloadAfter this book Robert Monroe went on to write two more volumes. Far Journey’s and Ultimate Journey. All of the books in this trilogy are just as good as the one before it. Robert Monroe went on to study this Phenomena and started an organization called the Monroe Institute where they study Hem-Sync and methods to initiate the experience and raise consciousness .

Trust me on this one if you haven’t read this book go grab it right away and get ready for the story of a lifetime !

Visit the Monroe Institute by clicking here.

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