Steven Ashe Modern Day Magician

. We have special guest Steven Ashe. Author of the Golden Dawn Initiate and Aleister Crowley Man, Myth, and Magickasheprofpic. Steven has several published books on the many occult subjects such as Tarot, Rosicrucian History, Golden Dawn Initiation and practice and much more.

In this episode I ask Steven about his studies and his opinion on the elder mysteries and biblical recordings. You can find Steven’s work all over the web in places like Kindle Books, Audible, Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, and more. Too many to count. Honestly it would be easier for any seeker just to go to google and type Steven Ashe into the search engine to find his awesome and educating content. Even with his voice shattered his passion for the esoteric and the path to a spiritual truth is evident. Where most would have cashed in a rain check he wanted to be here with us and have this discussion.

Steven is very humble and wouldn’t let me talk about his work too much on the show because he felt it was more important to answer any questions we have for him.

So I am doing it here on the site. Go grab copy of one of his audio books or shop on Kindle and search his name in the field. You will rarely see any one place where he promotes all his work and content so I will do it here for him. You can click any of the highlighted links above or for the majority of his work click here !asheprofpic2

“The whole purpose of engagement with Hermetic Qabalah is that of qualitative expansion of consciousness through the path of self-knowledge. This includes obtaining knowledge of the human environment through the very latest paradigms of science and cultural philosophy as a necessary background for self-assessment and development.”Steven Ashe (From the Complete Golden Dawn Initiate)
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