April 7th Tim Ray From United Intentions Radio Network

Join us as we speak to one of our favorites again Tim Ray from United Intentions. The Good Intentions Show” was created for individuals with a purpose & passion to have a positive place where they can express and enlighten others.

We provide our listeners with stimulating topics with inspiring leaders and everday people who are making a difference in the world today!

The United Intentions Foundation started in 2009 as a “what if” idea. I had a bigger mission and vision in life and was struggling staying positive and being present in a world full of distractions.good_intentions_show_logo.1400 I wanted to find a simple and effective way to direct my thoughts. I wanted to share this process with others and give people a place where they can learn to create their own reality through the power of intentions.

“My definition of living life intentionally is living in the present moment

with your thoughts. Once you’re conscious of what you are thinking,

you are able to be conscious of what you are creating.”

Although the foundation was origionally created to empower the individual, we have added programs for businesses, educators, and the UI Radio Network to continue our mission to educate people. Check out the site at unitedinitentions.org

Thursday April 6 The Moon Bat Hour

Tonight the show got re-scheduled. So in honor of an old show I listened to hosted by Josh Reeves called the Moon Bat Hour which no longer airs I decided to bring it back in different form.

Guests include James Cruz who’s a fan of online radio in all forms and electric universe enthusiast.

Curt Green from Monster Castle Paranormal and Host of the Curt Green Hour visits us for the first time and really speaks his mind…If you can’t handle crazy or a bit of amateur radio you probably shouldn’t listen..This was a lot of fun !

Friday Night March 31 Chad C. Meek Returns

Chad C. Meek is the writer, director, and executive producer of Giant Rock The Movie.

He has taken his own early childhood UFO abduction experiences and time spent with his eclectic uncle, George Van tassel (1910-1978) to bring the first of three episodes about the people who gathered at a place called Giant Rock located in California’s Mohave Desert.

Mr. Meek brings over thirty years of solid experience in the natural resource industries to the Giant Rock The Movie Franchise.

Some of Mr. Meek’s accomplishments during the last 25 years as President and CEO of Clarity Resources, Inc. includes drilling six oil wells in Nevada’s Great Basin (under budget which has never been duplicated).

This project’s success led to two oil well discoveries and the acquisition of over 100,000 acres of mining claims in Alaska, Nevada, and Bosnia. Giant Rock The Movie fuses together elements of Sci-fi, adventure, government conspiracy, and actual historical events. Although this film takes some creative liberties, the historical sources and spirit of George’s legacy remains constant throughout.

We must reflect on this film about the compelling life of George Van Tassel as not only an important part of our history but also as a very contemporary public message which has transcended the decades and has been continuously denied by all the world’s governments: Aliens exist. They have made contact. They walk among us…You can get ALL THE DETAILS AT
http://giantrockthemovie.com/contact/ or Chad Meek Facebook page HERE.

Thursday March 30 Jeremy Scott Host of Into The Parabnormal

“Into The Parabnormal” is a long-form radio podcast hosted by Jeremy Scott streamed to radio affiliates and internet partners with coverage worldwide through a variety of platforms.

This program is a spin-off of “Parabnormal Radio”, a podcast that originated in June 2015 and ran for 23 episodes. In November 2015, Jeremy turned his attention to hosting a syndicated radio program that ran three hours nightly for nearly 150 episodes, signing off on June 17, 2016.

He returned to a weekly format on July 9, 2016, maintaining his loyal affiliates and has since achieved the 200 episode mark and counting.

Jeremy has more than 15 years of experience in a commercial radio newsroom as a major market news and traffic reporter. He is a basketball and football play-by-play broadcaster at various levels.

He brings credibility to the authenticity of any claim that you may hear on the program.

His love is telling stories, engaging the mind and making listeners think. With that vision in mind, ITP takes the air each week with a variety of topics that are anything but mainstream.

Friday March 24 David Griffin and Leslie McQuade from Alpha Omega

David Griffin is S.L. MacGregor Mathers’ present sucessor as Archon Basileus of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and Chief Adept of the R.R. et A.C. Griffin is fluent in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, and English. David is today charged with the mission to train Magicians in the ancient Hermetic Mysteries of Solar Ascension.

Griffin is also a high grade Freemason (33, 90, 96 Degree – Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Mizraim – in possession of the complete and true Arcana Arcanorum), a Gnostic Bishop (holding multiple lines of affiliation), an initiate of several other Continental European Rosicrucian and Hermetic societies whose names remain secret, and holds the esoteric transmissions of the Gold und Rosenkreutz Order, the Asiatic Brethren (Fratres Lucis), the Frères Ainées de la Rose Croix (F.A.R.+C.), and several other Rosicrucian and Hermetic orders and societies.

Griffin holds substantial additional Rosicrucian initiatic transmissions. These include the Gold und Rosenkreutz Order, the Asiatic Brethren, the Societas Rosicruciana of Backstrom, Reaux Croix, and the Rose Cross of Egypt (Rose Croix d’Orient). From 1992-1994, Cris Monnastre regularly initiated and advanced David Griffin into each of the Grades of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn at the Alpha et Omega II temple in Los Angeles, then into the Portal and Adeptus Minor grades of the R.R. et A.C.

Leslie McQuade is international Cancellaria of the European headquartered, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®. Leslie holds multiple Pagan lineages, including HPS of the “del Bosco Sacro” Italian Pagan tradition, as well as HPS of the Isinian mysteries within the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega.

Leslie is a trained anthropologist and archeologist, specializing in Magick and Magickal traditions. Leslie’s extensive international experience as a field archaeologist and ethnographer, which includes digs for the Carnegie Mellon museum and the Japanese department of Education, blends the best of academic discoveries in the field of Magick with down-to-earth practical applications learned from native practitioners around the wold ! Check out http://defensespells.com/

and https://www.magick101.com

Learn Black Magick Defense

Thursday March 23 Host Dave Cruz from Beyond The Strange

Dave Cruz was born in Oakland, CA in 1970. He grew up learning about different lore and Urban legends from family and friends. Stories of witches, vampires and even possessed dolls were often told at family gatherings. Strange happenings often followed him around. Growing up, Dave watched shows like In Search Of.., Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and That’s Incredible.

Often fascinated with the strange, and experienced paranormal events, he’s always questioned his purpose in life.

Also, Dave’s witnessed UAP(Unidentifiable Arial Phenomena) once as a teen and later in the past 10 yrs. He has interviewed and spoken with numerous witnesses in the UFOlogy Community and host a live internet Radio Show called ‘Beyond The Strange Radio‘ Sat-Sun 7pmPT!

Going way back to my days as a youth, I remember hearing strange stories and Urban legends from family and friends only to see some of them talked about on shows like In Search Of.. That’s Incredible! and Ripley’s:Believe it or Not! Now some 30 yrs later with the help of Online Radio and Podcast, we re-visit the Strange and Paranormal once again! Check out the show here ! Show also airs live on Saturday and Sunday nights the thefringe.fm

Check it out at  beyondthestrange.com

Friday March 17 Sebastien Martin

Sebastien Martin is a Canadian serial entrepreneur, born in France, who has built international
health food brands for over a decade with offices in the USA, Canada, the UK and New Zealand.
In November of 2011, Sebastien had a close encounter of a 5th kind with a Stellar being living in a 5h dimensional reality in his living room and had communications with him and the rest of his
Star family ever since, receiving frequent and powerful ‘downloads’ all aimed to raise our
consciousness and change our vibration.
This one of a kind disturbing experience has forced
Sebastien to resort to the services of an hypnotherapist to help him with the anxiety arising from
this life changing encounter as well as prophetic visions he had since a child.
Detailed memories
were extracted from these sessions, providing critical information about the Galactic Alliance
agenda, split souls, human consciousness and much more. More recent visits involving 11th dimensional beings reinforced Sebastien’s beliefs to pursue this mission and share it with the mass population.
Please visit Sebastien Martin’s Facebook Page.
Sebastien is now setting up a platform to help starseeds around the world but also offers a free
platform to network all singled out specialty domains such as alternative medicine, alternative
energy, UFO disclosure, consciousness work, etc. to make people realize that a new society or
perhaps a new civilization could arise from all of these ideas.
Or visit the site at  www.nsuho.com

Thursday March 16 GG and Cortana from Shift Happens

Tonight we bring you GG and Cortana from Shift Happens! Shift Happens is a brand new podcast that is gathering an audience at an incredible rate !

They have already had guests on such as Richard Syrett,Richard Alan Miller,Paul Barbaro, Author Casper Parks and the Rev. John Polk.

These two are not afraid to delve into the void where science and spirituality meet and after listening to the show myself I had to subscribe so I could make sure I dont miss any of their upcoming shows. GG and Cortana talk about subjects such as the paranormal, pop culture, metaphysics, the occult and more.

They are also part of KTLK The Fringe Fm and we are proud to have them aboard. Listen tonight as there is no telling what we might dive into tonight as they have many of the same interests that we have here at Lighting The Void !

Check out the site at www.shifthappenspodcast.com